Why Attending Gold Coast Golf School is Not Only

the Best Choice for Improving Your Golf Game,

But it's Also the Best Possible Investment You

Can Make...


You might have come to the conclusion that to play better golf you will need to invest some of your valuable time, effort and money in having a golf lesson or two?


Or possibly you have entertained the thought of even attending a golf school like Gold Coast Golf School?


There are immense differences between taking a golf lesson here and there, and spending a few days at Gold Coast Golf School.


You see amateur golfers in search of help with golf swing problems will simply not solve their golf swing problems with a short term "fix my broken swing" by taking a series of 30 to 60 minute golf lessons.  


Let's face it; your golf swing like everyone else’s is very complicated -  especially when you don’t know how to learn and improve it the right way. 


Your  golf swing is moving simultaneously through 3 dimensions with your club head travelling at somewhere between 50 and 100 miles per hours on a full swing and striking a very small stationary object that is only 1.68 inches in diameter.


And in less than a millisecond your golf shot is programmed to go up or down, left or right, or a combination. 


And if that isn't enough, the 13 major joints in your body have got to either rotate a certain amount or remain stable whilst you whirl your golf club around your body with perfect timing whilst at the same time maintain excellent balance.  


And you were wondering why your golf swing doesn't behave itself? 


And when it doesn't behave itself you might have take advice from your well-meaning friends or perhaps you have taken a golf lesson or two from a golf instructor. 


You may have even purchased a golf instruction book or possibly viewed golf video instruction on the internet.


The trouble with a lot of golf instruction it's like the guy in the story who puts his finger in the dyke to stop the leak. 


It's a short term fix for a long term problem...


Just when you think you have got it plugged (fixed), another leak starts somewhere else and you go through the same process over and over. 


Having a few golf lessons might stop the leak temporarily, but the problems always come back.


Going to a golf school for a few days will sort the problem out for life. 


Why? Because you will discover that your golf swing isn't broken, it's simply off its track.


It doesn’t need fixing, it needs guidance.


Golf schools like Gold Coast Golf School are designed to get off-track golf swings back on-track faster, and with a lot less pain and anguish.


If you want to hit straighter and more consistent golf shots you need to get your golf swing on the correct path when it strikes the golf ball. 


It took you quite a bit of time to get it off track so believe me it will take more than a lesson or two to sort it out? 


I doesn’t matter how famous the golf instructor is, or how much they charge, if your golf swing problems took some practice to get to where it has developed into a chronic slice shot for instance, then you will need to invest reasonable amount of time and effort to improve it.


A package of thirty or even sixty minute golf lessons just won't do it, but what will do it is a planned and well thought out approach with a competent golf instructor, and the time to repeat the new action many times under his/her supervision.


Start and Stop Golf Instruction cannot compete with the multi-day golf school approach.


What is Start and Stop Golf Instruction?

You have a golf lesson and then you go away and practice it - when you can - on your own, and you hope that you are doing what you thought you were told to do in your lesson, and then you return to the instructor to get put back on track again.


The truth is that you will never invest your energy in the amount of time needed to change your habit that way. 


You are simply too busy with many more important things in your life.


However by attending Gold Coast Golf School you will be able to make enough repetitions under complete supervision to allow you to make the changes required to take your game to the golf course and trust it.


You see this is the key. You need to repeat the adjusted golf swing more than one thousand times to move it closer to high trust level. 


When you have a golf lesson you might hit 20 to 30 shots and then it's left up to you to practice unsupervised, which in my experience is a disaster waiting to happen.


The golf school success formula is a far better way to approach it;

1. Identify the problem/s

2. Relearn your stroke

3. Repeat it regularly under supervision to reinforce the habit

4. Remember it forever


This is what going to golf school is all about. 


More time to reinforce your new habit under supervision so you can take it onto the golf course and trust it sooner.


So do yourself a favour and invest your time, effort and money wisely and join a multi-day golf school program at Gold Coast Golf School.


There’s no better way to invest your time than working under complete supervision with a high qualified and experienced golf instructor who can take your passion for playing golf and turning it into lifelong improvement.


We guarantee that it will be the best investment you can make in your golf game forever!


Our point of difference over other golf school programs in Australia is our complete dedication to helping you to improve your golf with professional golf instructors who only teach golfers for their living, and have a minimum of twenty years of experience.  


We are here for you first and foremost, so when you attend a golf school program at Gold Coast Golf School you will receive a fully supervised golf instruction program focusing on exactly what you want to improve.

Check Out Your Gold Coast Golf School Benefits...


      • 6 Hours of Fully Supervised Golf Instruction Daily in Long Game and Short Game
  • A Golf Improvement Program Build Around Your Needs and Wants
  • Golf Course Instruction on Our Multiple Day Programs
  • Fully Qualified PGA Golf Instructors With More Than 20 Years of Experience
  • A Video Analysis of Your Golf Swing Technique  

"No other golf school in Australia has a lower student to teacher ratio.

Many of our golf school programs offer one on one coaching with our specialist PGA golf instructors who have more than twenty years of golf coaching experience."

Recognised as one of the top Australian golf schools Gold Coast Golf School was established in 1994 in Sydney by leading Australian PGA golf instructor Lawrie Montague.


In 2000 it was relocated to the Gold Coast to take advantage of the warmer and consistent climate of South East Queensland.


At Gold Coast Golf School we offer you a relaxed professional setting where you can be assured of receiving an excellent return on your investment of time, effort and money.   


At Gold Coast Golf School you will have all the time you need to get your golf game on track, and you will learn how to keep it there.  



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About Your Expert
Golf Instructors

The golf instruction staff that run the golf school programs at Gold Coast Golf School have a minimum of twenty years of experience improving golfers of every standard from novice to advanced.

So when you are doing your research on golf school programs you should ask whether your golf instruction will be from a career PGA golf instructor.

Career golf instructors are the most experienced PGA professional golf instructors who only teach golf for their living. They don't do it part time - they do it fulltime.




The Game of Golf was first published in 1896 and is believed to be the first golf book to be written as a golf instruction book by a golf professional - Willie Park Jr. the Open (British) champion in 1887 at Prestwick and again in 1889 at Musselburgh. He is also believed to be the first person to pursue golf course architecture as a profession.

He has a reputation as one of the best putters of all time. He was also an early designer of golf clubs and designed one of the first blade putters, the first driver with a convex face and he is also credited as the first designer to put grooves in irons.